One year of planning a wedding and I still wanna do this thing!

One year ago today, a certain handsome gentleman an adorable, cuddly boyman made me the happiest ladypants who has ever walked the earth.


Well, come here and lemme get a look at ya.

You actually smell kinda delicious.

…only 46 days to go!!


20 responses

  1. Awwwww….too cute for words! I usually wait for the Wedding itself to cry (I’m such a sap) but tears came to my eyes with this Post…..
    Go Lyssapants and Mr. Hot-pants!!!! ;)
    TW (The old widow)

  2. Could you guys be any cuter? I think not. Emily and I are plotting to crash this shindig and meet your aunt. We’ll wear bells. And bring confetti. And macaroni salad. Maybe a flask with some hooch. We haven’t gotten our official details yet, but I figure we have 46 days to dig them out. ;-) Mazel Tov Lyssa!

      • I went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday (now, I’ve been married twice, and the second time was a step-up from elopement, so I don’t envy anyone the duty of planning a wedding) and the dresses are SEAFOAM GREEN. Seriously. And only have one sleeve. The other shoulder is missing. Missing! Where did the sleeve go? They used all the extra fabric for the ill-fitting flowy fabric that makes every figure look like a rectangle. SO EXCITED.

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