About Me

Hey y’alls.  I’m Melissa.

This page is hopelessly outdated, for I am a new mom.  Working on a new one.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, which essentially means that the future of my unborn children is already doomed.

Sadie is my five year old tri-color domestic shorthair.  She’s very whiny and bitey.  She likes to flop over a lot and doesn’t do a whole host of normal cat things one might expect a cat to do.  We tried to send her back but were unsuccessful.

Brian is my 30-something year old dirty blonde domestic short haired human.  He’s rarely whiny, not so bitey, and does many things you’d expect a cat to do.  I have no intention of sending him back.

I used to be that baby-crazy lady who gawked at maternity store windows and had to refrain from taking home stray babies at the supermarket.  Now, I’m the crazy pregnant lady actually getting to shop on the other side of said windows; my spawn should be making an appearance around August.

We recently moved to the greater Portland, OR area from Northern California and we’re still trying to figure out what all this wet stuff is.

This blog has been added to the short list of things that keep me from seeing the inside of a padded cell.

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  2. Love your blog!! Love the insight from a therapist. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are both therapists and it seems I can never get enough of their stories, insight, and perspective. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. I just happened to stumble across your blog…and was immediately fascinated…thought I was the only marginally insane person around :) I only had to read your about me…and I was smiling already :) nice blog, I’ll defo stick around and read more :)

  4. Just found you and now I am never letting go…. wait, that sounds terribly creepy and slightly insane. I work in child welfare.. my kids are your clients. We could share a book list like no other. Thanks for making me laugh. I have three cats and I sing to them daily. I had to get rid of my bed frame and put the mattress on the floor so they would stop hiding every time I tried to sing to them. Since we removed the bed frame one has taken to licking the blow dryer.. while it is on. Apparently I have that effect on cats. Thanks a bunch for the laughs!

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  7. Hallo! I can’t find your contact details, but I wanted to send you a message. I’m putting together a blog entry on mental health professionals, blogging and personal/professional identity. Wondered if I could mail you for a few thoughts?

  8. I’m here to stalk you courtesy of Le Clown. Good deal on the newly acquired license!

    My 19 year old daughter was drugged and raped in August. Thankfully she FINALLY began regular sessions with a therapist, courtesy of her university’s health care clinic. She is doing so well :)
    Moi also suffered a sexual assault at about her age. Never reported it or received help.

    I applaud you, it must be horrible and hard on your psyche to deal with victims of trauma each day. A cat always helps. Not to mention the cheese. Mmmmmmm cheese. Especially during crap TV shows.

    Be well and take care of yourself. You are an asset to humanity, truly.

  9. Love the pic and the about. I wish I could be funny, but I’m not. Too intense I guess. Oh yeah, I’m over from Le Clown. He does have good taste. Keep it up. You made me laugh. Thanks :-)

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  15. I am an official armchair psychologist and one of those examples of how a little psychology knowledge can be a bad thing. I love analyzing everything. I’m currently reading The Psychopath Test. It’s fun when people at my workplace ask what I’m reading and then slowly back away when I tell them.

  16. Thanks for liking a recent post of mine – I’m glad I found your blog! Love it and will definitely be stopping by often. And PS congrats to you and Brian!

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  18. I was hanging out with a wee baby this afternoon and I could NOT stop staring at him and making faces and cooing noises! Yes, babies have the power to transform me into some sort of human pigeon.

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