Trololo, LOTR, and ice cream filled donuts

A lot has happened to me in the past month or so.

I took and passed two licensing exams, I got engaged, and now…I just got a promotion at work!!

To top it all off, I just had a fantastic BM this morning that put me in an even greater, lighter mood.  TMI?  Not even close.


I want to share this seemingly unending joy with others, but how can I do that?  I can’t reach through the computer and give each of you a hug, although I’d like to, so I’ll do the next best thing.

I am as happy, if not happier (if that’s even possible without excessive amounts of speed laced with E), than this guy!  Watch it, memorize it, love it, sing it.  Use it as your ringtone.  Pass it on to others.  This could be the next Kony 2012, except the opposite, you know, without all the genocide.  You’re welcome.

And then, if that last one was too smarmy and borderline creepy for you, here’s an extra bonus for the more nerdly inclined:

They should make a LOTR musical.  I think that’s one of the few things that could make me even happier than I already am.  That, and maybe some ice cream.  Or donuts.

Perhaps ice cream filled donuts, but I won’t push my luck.