Here’s Something

Today is going to be a hodgepodge of a blog post.

  1. Here’s something that annoyed me but I did not allow to ruin my day.

We went hiking today. The weather app on my phone did not predict rain. I live in Oregon. I’ve lived here for almost exactly 7 years now. Fricknfrack, I should know better to carry rain gear with me wherever I go after Labor Day, whatever the app may or may not say. I’m just so tired of lugging my entire household with me whenever we go on an outing. Jackets aaaaaand rain jackets, hats, snacks, water, plastic bags for when things get wet and/or dirty, extra snacks, and now I’ve included masks and hand sanitizer, plus the toddler potty in case the restrooms are closed due to Covid. Ugh.

At any rate, we got rained on. In true form, the kids complained at first that we weren’t going on the long hike. And then later on, they complained that they were “wet” and “tired.” We didn’t get completely drenched and we didn’t have any complete meltdowns so that’s considered a success in our book. The kids reported that their favorite part was the snack. Parenting high-five!

2. Here’s something that brought tears to my eyes and made my heart happy

We watched the SpaceX launch today. A multicultural, international team of three men and one woman got catapulted into space today and they’re headed to the ISS!! My eyes teared up as soon as they reached max q, a few minutes after launch.

What made me even MORE happy was to see a panel OF THREE WICKED SMART LADIES giving us commentary after the launch. I can’t remember a time where I have ever watched any sort of big, important science endeavor be presented and interpreted for the public via a panel of womenfolk. Moving forward, I’d like to get to a place where I am no longer astounded by this. But for now, good on you, NASA and SpaceX.

3. Here’s something that tickled my funny bone.

Yesterday, a lonely, lonely person with a sexual affinity for clowns stumbled across my blog and I feel like I owe that person a heartfelt apology.

I’m so sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for here. I hope you enjoyed a post or two before moving onto…more edgy entertainment…but if not, I understand too. The heart wants what the heart wants. Good luck to you!

Day 15 – we’re halfway, folks!


Search engine terms I never thought I’d see

I wasn’t even planning on posting today, but this is just too good.  Indeed, the blogging gods are calling me in to do my duty.  Ha…duty. (Don’t worry, this will make sense in a few sentences)

I have so many questions about a particular search engine term…so. many. questions.

I don’t even know where to start.

I mean, I get that people make their way to my blog because I did a therapist meme since I couldn’t find one that described my daily life accurately.  I understand that there are a variety of “how-people-view-my-profession” memes out there, but I didn’t realize just how wide of a variety until today.  Pun intended.

Another question: Was I not remembering the content of my blog accurately?  Just how often do I say anus?  I know I enjoy a good poop joke, but it often involves innuendo, and anus is rather…harsh.  And look, now I’ve gone and used it…twice.  In italics.

I’m going to gingerly sidestep all the questions I have about why this person was searching for this particular phrase, and instead I am going to sincerely apologize that ve didn’t find what ve was looking for on my blog.  Sorry for the lack of anal stretching.

The last question I will ask (that I never thought I would ever have to ask) is – what the hell is an anus stretching meme?!  Is it a meme that shows one how to stretch one’s anus?  It is a meme showing the joys of one whose anus has already been stretched?

I’m not sure I care to know the answers.  I just hope that the searcher found what ve was looking for…cuz it certainly wasn’t here.