Smells like sexism

Mr. Limbaugh, your sorta-kinda apology is not enough.

Read this Huffington Post article that contains the full text of the so-called apology here.

One of the few things you got right is that you are indeed absurd and you speak absurdities.  I am so glad that we agree on that.

I think we can all agree that you did indeed intend a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.  I don’t see how calling someone a slut and prostitute can escape the label of personal attack.  Please stop adding lies to the damage you’ve already done.

What you get so horribly wrong is that this debate on contraception is not about “personal sexual recreational activities.”  This is about women’s health, pure and simple.

How is it that health plans cover Viagra, where its only purpose is for personal sexual recreational activities, and not cover birth control, where it is used for a wide range of purposes, from regulating menstrual cycles to preventing ovarian cancer to preventing pregnancy?  What happened to “personal responsibility and accountability” for men, Mr. Limbaugh?  Based on your logic, shouldn’t men just deal with not having access to a drug that would allow them to perform personal sexual recreational activities?  This smells like sexism.

What pains me, absolutely pains me, is when people do not understand that by holding women back, you hold us all back.  (I recommend an amazing, inspiring book on this topic.)

And I refuse for you to hold us back, Mr. Limbaugh.

I refuse.


Ok, Mr. Limbaugh. You’ve gone too far.

Ok, Mr. Limbaugh.  You have pissed me off from time to time, but this time certainly takes the cake.  The following is the best (best meaning bestly matches how I think and feel) article (it’s an opinion piece) I have found so far on the topic of this whole Limbaugh-Fluke shitstorm that has erupted from the debates on whether religious organizations should be mandated to provide free contraceptives to women.

I’ll give you time to read this, then get sufficiently mad, then go scream into a pillow, then punch the pillow while imagining it is Rush’s face, and then come back. 

Done?  Not yet?


Cuz I’m not done being mad yet either.

First, women weren’t even invited to speak on this topic.  And then, one gets invited, speaks, and is promptly blasted by Limbaugh as a slut and a prostitute.

What year do we live in again?!  Maybe this is the world’s way of making sure that I don’t take all the successes of the women’s movement for granted, because this backlash has sure got me worried (and mad. don’t forget mad).

I am loving all the bills being proposed that shine light on just how prejudiced and sexist it is to block women’s access to basic healthcare.  I firmly believe that if men were the ones able to carry and bear children that we would not be having these debates.  Debates like these would be considered absurd.  And guess what?  They are.

I was lucky that my doctors at Boston College – a Catholic university – prescribed me birth control to prevent future ovarian growths. Others are not so lucky. And Rush – I don’t know if you have sisters or – god forbid – daughters, but at the very least I know you have a mother. Clean up your act. Your disrespect for women has NO PLACE in this world.  Not in 2012, and not ever.

Do people not get that if you take rights away from women that you end up hurting everyone?  Preventative healthcare saves lives, saves money, and it is a basic human right.  Last time I checked, women make up more than half of the human race.

The other key piece I don’t understand is why Republicans want the government’s hand out of business, out of healthcare, out of the environment, out of food regulation, but when it comes to women wanting to make decisions about their bodies, Republicans want regulation all over the place.


Now there is a call to urge the sponsors of Rush’s show to pull their ads to show that they don’t stand for his hate speech.  Quicken Loans, Sleep Number Bed, and Sleep Train have already pulled their ads. Sweet!

Sorry about this post jumping around a lot…this kindof happens when I am mad and hyped up on coffee and cocaine.  Maybe just coffee.

Now, if I was mean, I would go look up how old Mr. Limbaugh is and then start a countdown clock to the average age of death in the US.  But I won’t do that.  I’ll just keep being mad and speak out until this shit gets the stink taken out of it.