It was just that kinda day: A parenting haiku

I have a sick child

pjs for all; house-bound

Frozen sing-a-long!



Get me through this flight

You know how when you’re traveling with kids on a plane your only goal, besides getting to your destination, is that your kid not be the worst-behaved child on the plane?

Not the loudest? Not the most screamy?

Well, today we failed.

We tried and we failed.

We had a great vacation, and now it’s over. On one hand, I’m really happy to be home and have my own space and privacy. But on the other, all our support is gone and now we have to go back to doing everything ourselves.

And oh my GLOB, Oregon is freaking cold.

In closing, a haiku:

Get me through this flight

Crying, screaming, thrashing, sigh

I am so tired

NaBloPoMo Day 28

No Spoilers, Please

I find that, as I get older, and especially once I became a mom, my tolerance for scary media has plummeted.

I’m more anxious, the world is a scarier place, and momma needs her some sleep.

And yet.

Enter Stranger Things, that one Netflix show all the kids are talking about. I’m only 4 episodes in, and already I’m scared out of my mind.

About a week ago, a light in our kitchen started flickering from time to time. That didn’t bother me until we started Stranger Thinging it. CHANGE IT. CHANGE IT YESTERDAY.

Oh , and thanks a lot for ruining Christmas lights for me. Jesus H Christ.

I’ll leave you with this haiku expressing my random thoughts on the matter:

Eighties nostalgia/

I can’t take the creepiness/

Quitter I am not.


NaBloPoMo Day 5


Parenting in Haikus

I just wiped your snot

Now you blow into your hand

Thank you – not really

All the chores I do

Always come undone in time

Say, what is the point?

Nap time is my break

Go to sleep sweet child of mine

Give me, like, two hours

Odor hit my face

Never such stench have I smelled

Beans – never again

You freak me out, boy

When you scratch the wall at night

Nightmares come for me