I was totally going to write a post today, but garbage trucks are evil

I was totally going to write a post today, but then the garbage truck came by while we were eating lunch.

Dylan hates the garbage truck.

It’s loud and it’s seriously like one of those evil transformers that’s come to destroy us all.

After that, he refused to eat and was inconsolable, so after lengthy attempts to get food down his gullet, he went down for an early nap….and then so did I.

Some days, mothering really takes it out of me.

In other news, today is the one year anniversary of when we gave Dylan his first bath.  Can you BELIEVE I have a one year old?!  And that garbage trucks are going to destroy us all?!

Neither can I.

Also, Dylan waved goodbye properly for the first time yesterday, as opposed to his normal reaction of pointing menacingly like the evil monkey in Chris Griffin’s closet.  #milestones #mykidisnolongeranevilmonkey

I’ll write a better one next time, folks.  Next time.