There’s always room for evil

My friend and I are in a book store, looking at pregnancy books.

Friend – So you’re sure you’re not having twins?

Me, wide-eyed with fear – Uhh, the ultrasound only showed one baby in here.  There had better be only one baby in here!

I look down and poke at my tummy.

Friend – The twin could just be hiding behind the baby you saw on the monitor.

Me – I seriously doubt it.  Plus, on another visit, my midwife found only one heartbeat in there.

Friend – Maybe the heartbeats synchronized and you thought you were only hearing one.

Me – Seriously, you’re freaking me out now.  I do not want twins.  …But I guess if I did have twins in here, one of them would clearly be evil, with all the hiding and evasiveness.

Looking down again

Me – Show yourself evil one!!  Make yourself known!

Friend – Let’s see if they have any books for naming evil twins, because it’s going to need a good one.


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