The World Is Not Ending

I’ve realized I need to remind myself that the world is not ending.

Somewhere along the way, I figured all the stores are closed and school is closed, so I should be too.

This is it. Accept it. We don’t get nice things anymore.

But then I hear other people are going out.

Having experiences.

Seeing people.

Doing things.

Living their lives.

And then I remember. Huh. Maybe I should too?

Staying home is nice.




But is this what I want?

I’m so tired.




But is this what I want?

Sometimes I don’t know what I want.

Oftentimes I change my mind.

Or my mind changes me.

Just remember, self: the world is not ending

And neither are you.

Day 22: Pepper Day!


2 responses

  1. Yeah, these times are crazy. I went out for supplies yesterday for our Thanksgiving weekend, and the amount of people misbehavin made it very clear why I generally remain at home. Lot’s of people refusing to social distance, lots of people with the mask not covering their nose, and some just still flat out refusing to wear one. I feel so sorry for the employees because confronting these idiots usually doesn’t end well. I tried to stay as far away from people as I could, but no one was respecting space. You shouldn’t have to feel like you are risking your life to get groceries and household supplies, oh and yet again NO toilet paper. That bidet is sounding more and more like a plan. sighs…

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