Peace+Tranquility On Fire

Today I’ve been trying to keep my cool.

Yeah right. Like I had any cool to begin with. To rephrase, I’ve been trying to keep my inner monologue – which today is only the sound of my desperate, frantic screaming – where it belongs, on the inside.

On the surface, the day has seemed mostly normal. Mostly.

Unfortunately, my robot vacuum lovingly named Olaf woke me up at 5am with a distant jingle followed by a robotic female voice informing me that DO-DO. BATTERY IS LOW. DO-DO.

Dazed and confused, my heart leapt into my throat and I prepared to die. Even after I figured out what was happening and realized I couldn’t fix the issue through the app on my phone, I still woke my husband to help because there was no way I was going downstairs by myself at night because the bent neck lady was waiting and fuck no to that. (I’m only two episodes in, and while my nerves may not let me ever finish, no spoilers please in case I ever do.)

Anyway, the point is that my day started off with me being afraid for my life and that’s keeping with the theme of this year.

I made coffee, I began helping my kid with online school. I wiped my littler kid’s butt.

I decided one cup WAS NOT ENOUGH so I made a cup of tea. Caffeine tends to make me anxious, but I like the ritual and I like the taste so while this may or may not have contributed to my goal you can fight me.

I decided my mid-morning hobbit snack needed some ambiance so I lit a candle. My husband hates scented candles but I did it anyway. To avoid a fight I decided to tell him about it before he had the chance to notice on his own, but looking back I’m wondering if maybe I could have used more tact.


Him: …Is it working?


After school and lunch, I ran out of the house to do my normal Tuesday errands, which involve the library and picking up our grocery order. Today, the order was a bit bigger in case election rioters release the murder hornets and I blasted my car stereo so I could no longer hear the voices in my head.

While I’m wearing suffragette white under my jacket and RBG earrings, I decided I needed to make a louder statement.

After returning to the house and getting my kids outside to run around, now the real nail-biting portion of the day begins as I turn on the TV and re-learn the fucking electoral college.

Choose love, y’all. Let’s get through this.

Day 3


9 responses

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  2. Doing our best over here. We still don’t know the results and of course 45 is claiming victory, but that doesn’t mean he won. A lot of good ballot measures passed in many states. So there’s that. Nevada amended its state constitution to protect same sex marriage. Automatically elevated on our retirement list of places to go. It’s sad that we have to think about that, but 45 and his ilk are even going after legalized same sex marriage, so unfortunately we do have to worry where we’ll be safe in our elder years. Hang in there. it’s not over.

  3. I don’t think we’re going to have a result tonight. I’ve been trying not to stare directly into the electoral map because that way lies madness.

    I like your RBG earrings, btw. Super cute.

  4. Eeks! What a night this is going to be!!

    We voted early, so today felt so normal without the usual race to the polls. However, my news avoidance plan has failed. Bigly.

    I am now caught between frantic refreshing and deep breathing exercises.

    Hang in there! Hugs all around. 💛

  5. Peace to you. I’m staying off the media blitz until there is real news. They keep making it sound like a string of expletives deleted football game instead of something that really matters. It’s hard though, almost like an addiction, although it feels more like watching a slow motion train wreck.

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