Meat, Vests, and Keanu Reeves

The past two days, my fellow hero in anxiety, The Bloggess, has encouraged her readers to first post things they hate that everyone else loves, and then the inverse – things they love that others don’t get.

This exercise was her way of reminding us that us, each of us, either who we are or what we write/produce/put out into the world (or all of the above) is not for everyone. Not everyone is going to like us or understand us, and that’s okay. Nay, it’s normal and expected.

As for me, I despise:

  • whiskey (I involuntarily shudder each time it touches my tongue. That’s what she said.)
  • David Sedaris (Okay, so despise is way too strong of a word for Mr. Sedaris. I just don’t get him, really. I’ve read several of his books and I keep really trying to find him funny, and I only find him mildly amusing some of the time.)
  • licorice (bitter and gross)
  • vests (your arms are still cold)
  • pot roast (dry and tough and I don’t want my meat tasting like carrots and my carrots tasting like meat)
  • potatoes that aren’t highly processed…like the kind in pot roast
  • turkey (like, the Thanksgiving kind. It’s dry and tasteless. I eat at Thanksgiving for the sides. And the pie. Mmmmm, pie.)
  • sausages (I’m a horrible mostly-German person)
  • I guess I just don’t prefer most meat, really…except bacon
  • IPAs (I don’t like drinking Pine Sol)
  • The Smashing Pumpkins (whiny voices)
  • Keanu Reeves (never cared for his acting)
  • Oregon.

And I love:

  • therapy!
  • the smell of gasoline
  • writing resumes
  • Hanson
  • Almond Joys (sometimes you feel like a nut)
  • really depressing and/or traumatic reading material

People who know me – was there anything I missed? I’m sure it’s easier for my friends to remember just how much of a weirdo I am. Much thanks.

Now you! You go; it’s your turn. What things do you love/hate that most others don’t?



6 responses

  1. I hate showering. It takes too damn long, only to be followed by even more time drying, lotioning, hair drying, removing residual makeup that’s taken form of mascara raccoon eyes,..

    I like the “C” word. It’s my favourite. 😋

  2. I’ve been thinking about this post for a couple of days now. I don’t know if there’s anything that I like that others don’t, except black jelly beans. I like those. Oh, and weeding our flagstone patio. Turn off mind, pull out weeds, finished product beautiful. It’s so satisfying!

    My son loves the smell of gasoline too and spray paint fumes. Gonna keep my eye on that one. 😳

    This reminds me of a conversation I overheard one day between two preteens. One asked his friend, “Is there any very common food that everyone has tried but you haven’t?” His friend said, “green olives”. I wondered, how do you get to 13 and have never eaten a green olive?? I couldn’t think of an answer for myself, but the question haunted me for days.

    • Oh man, I love weeding. It’s the only acceptable way for me to kill something AND make the world more beautiful at the same time. It’s a win-win!
      I had a friend in college who had never tried a whole host of foods. People get comfortable and unadventurous I guess.
      Oh and yes. Black jelly beans are gross.

  3. You would like my pot roast. I use the wet method so it’s always juicy, and I don’t put vegetables in it. :)

    I also hate turkey. Which is why we don’t have traditional Thanksgiving dinners. We try to do something different each year, a food we like and really want to eat that’s totally diet-busting. One year we had tacos!

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