We Have a Responsibility to Change

I will try to keep this short, but I have thoughts and feelings swirling around that I’d like to get out into the open.

There’s not too much I can add to the words Obama said in his speech today about the shooting in Roseburg, OR today.  I agree with what he said.  Thoughts and prayers are not enough, and I am pissed too.  We need comprehensive gun control laws in this country because they work.  We need them desperately, and I want them badly before I have to send my sweet little boy out in the world to school every day.

There was only one thing I disagreed with in Obama’s speech – kind of.  He said we’ve become numb to this, and he’s right.  However, for me, I choose to not be numb.  I cried today.  I cried because I am a mom now and school shootings mean that I am raising my boy in what too often feels like a very dangerous and scary world.  I cried today because UCC is not too far from where I live.

I wrote an earlier post- another shooting, another day – about how I’m no longer shocked.  I’m sad and I am angry and I want change.

Let’s do something.  Let’s let our representatives know that mass shootings in this country are no longer acceptable and are completely preventable.  I’m writing letters.  I want my representatives to know that I am fucking angry and no one else has to die.  We have a responsibility to change this.

Like Obama, today I am mostly angry.

If anger fuels change, then I welcome it.

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