A Not-So-Daily Encounter

In honor of Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show tonight, I am reposting this hot and steamy piece from 2012. Jon, I’ve been getting my news, laughs, and sex appeal from you for a long time now, and your absence will leave a huge void in my life. #JonVoyage


I could smell him before I saw him.

The scent of Old Spice mingled with topnotes of freshly baked challah wafted through the room, lifted and propelled by the heat of the stage lights and the burning in my loins.

My eyes flicked up and across the room, towards his desk, but I was momentarily blinded by the celestial glow.  I waited anxiously for my eyes to adjust.

After what seemed like the length of a congressional filibuster, I could finally make out his unassuming silhouette as he made his way to the desk and paused before he took his seat.  The light shone brightly around him, so brightly that anyone could have mistaken him for an angel descended from an Old Testament heaven.

And then the lights dimmed and I could see like I had never seen before.

As he paused, ever so genteelly, buttocks hovering over the black…

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  1. The world feels a lot emptier without him. *Sigh* When I was in NYC, I was walking to the closing party for BlogHer and found myself right outside his studios! I nearly wet my pants. Seriously… not just because I’m old. ;-)

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