October in Purple

Today is October 1st, and everyone on daytime TV wore pink, and we all know why.

It’s breast cancer awareness month.

At the risk of pitting one great cause against another (because they’ve already been pitted against each other by being assigned the same month) – it’s also domestic violence awareness month, but very few people know that.


Personally, if we had to choose (and I don’t think we should have to choose, but for the sake of argument) I think we should be choosing domestic violence awareness, but I get why breast cancer gets center stage.

It’s easy to get behind fighting a disease.  A disease is a logical enemy.  It’s an other.  It’s not human, and no one is to blame for getting cancer.

But with DV – that’s perpetrated by our neighbors.  Our sons and daughters.  Our brothers and sisters.  Our moms and dads and grandparents.  It’s hard to rally people against DV when so many people out there are perpetrators or silent bystanders.

But we have to.  We need to.

Yes, 1 in 8 women are affected by breast cancer.  That’s huge.  But more than twice that are affected by domestic violence.  MORE THAN TWICE.  And that’s people hurting people – which means it’s 100% preventable.

I look forward to the day when everyone proudly wears purple in October to take a stance against domestic violence – and not just when there is a current scandal happening in the NFL.


11 responses

  1. Well said!
    I am not a victim but I care for those who are. I used to be one of those many folks, who would judge a victim of DV and ask why don’t they leave? as if upping and leaving an abusive relationship is a cake walk. Now I know better after having read about this dangerous, pervasive affliction.

  2. I’d rather people and companies stop with all the pink trinkets and just give the money to research – all year long.
    Purple is appropriate. Royal pain and bruising. It’s not an NFL problem – it’s a society problem. A very big one. When will people say enough and stop supporting /encouraging domestic violence in music lyrics, videos, and celebrities? Now that would be a big step.
    Good post

  3. Reblogged this on Snide Reply and commented:
    While we are all awash in pink, I’d like to remind you that purple goes great with pink! Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness and October is, also, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Here’s a post from loyal reader, psychobabblepants, with some astonishing facts about domestic violence.

  4. October is overloaded. October 10 is National Mental Health Awareness Day. So, can we skip the purple that day and wear bright green? I’ll get on the purple, btw. It’s my favorite color and I think I’ll reblog this on CGP tomorrow. There are many readers who’ve been touched by domestic violence.

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