A Look Inside My Pregnant Head – A stream of consciousness

Hey everyone amazing news we actually closed on a house last week can you believe it we’re HOMEOWNERS

and not a moment too soon.

cuz immediately following getting our keys we went to the Oregon coast for the weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and I can’t believe this year has gone by so freaking fast omg but the decision to go to the beach/coast was an amazing one because I am DYING IN THIS HEAT and we have to wait before we can get help to move into the new AIR CONDITIONED house which means this baby had better STAY PUT so I can labor in the house not only does it have AC, but it also has a soaking tub and a shower WITH SEATS it’s like it was made for pregnant ladies

fast forward to now where we’re moving small things everyday and waiting for the big move on Saturday and omg it’s HOT and I feel crappy that I can’t physically help pack and I have zero energy and maybe I’ll just put a few books in this box but oh I can’t do too much because what if I trigger the labor to start NOT BEFORE SATURDAY

maybe I should sit down I AM NOT MOODY SHUT THE FUCK UP

my hips hurt and I am hungry again

I am so BLESSED and I can’t believe everything is falling into place right in the nick of time and I am SO EXCITED and I still can’t believe that I am going to have a little human soon and a house this kinda makes me a real grown up now and oh crap now I’m crying


that seems to happen more often these days

my feet are swelling up again maybe I should sit down and eat something WHERE IS MY FAVORITE MUG is it packed already WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY LIFE

no labor til after Saturday Little Duck you stay in there til after Saturday

time for a nap.

12 responses

  1. Yep, you sound distinctly like a woman about to be a mommy! I’m so jealous that you went to the Oregon coast we used to go all the time but I haven’t been in ages because my kids grew up and want to go other places and I miss Cannon Beach so much that I want to go right now cause it’s so frickin hot here and I’d love to walk the beach and dunk in the waves even though I don’t do that here and we live right by the water but as you can see it’s easy to be in this mindset as an expectant mom, an older mom, amomamomamomamomamomamom! Sending you wonderful wishes, hugs and cool breezes, from one August mom to another. xo

  2. Finally…someone writes in the exact manner I talk to myself in my head…and I’m not even pregnant. (Although I think it might just never go back to pre-pregnancy state) :) Good luck with all the life changes! Especially baby.

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