Halloween in District 12

Happy Halloween, Psychos!

As many of you know, Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday.  For those of you who don’t know, go here and here and then come back.

Last year, I was overcome with sadness because wedding planning had taken over my life and sucked time away that should have been spent making a brand new Halloween costume.  I was forced to reuse an older costume, but I vowed that I would get back into the spirit this year, and this woman keeps her Halloween vows.

Behold, my interpretation of Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games:

May the odds be ever in your favor!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

My awesome partner was Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games:

I smell like doughy heaven

I smell like doughy heaven

For my costume, I bought the dress at a thrift store, I bought the amazing wig at a Halloween store (worth every penny), and my mom helped me sew the jacket so that I’d have appropriately shiny fabric and puffy sleeves.  Indeed, those sleeves are stuffed with tissue paper.  I got the flowers at the fabric store and pinned them into the wig, and pinned one on each shoe.

For the makeup, I actually used this old, bright pink blush because the color was perfect.  It’s on my eyes, cheeks, and lips.  I bought some tinsel eyelashes and cut them to look more shapely and dramatic.

Happy Hunger Games!

Happy Hunger Games!

For my partner’s costume, he bought the District 12 shirt online, and from what we can tell, it’s exactly like the one in the movie.  Then he added some black workout pants and black shoes and his natural charm, and BOOM, you got some hunky dude whose warm arms smell just like freshly baked bread.

Bet you never knew there was a secret fling between the two, right?  I mean, how else did Peeta actually make it through the games?!

Love is hate

Love is hate

Have fun this Halloween!!!  How do you celebrate this fantastic holiday??


Guess what?!  I just brought more crazy to Facebook!  I wasn’t even sure that was possible, but I dream big.  Liking Psychobabble on Facebook is like putting on a nice, snug straightjacket to give yourself a hug!


23 responses

  1. So I just viewed all your Halloween posts and I love that you make all your own costumes. I’m such a big Halloween fan, I love the challenge of making a costume, or at least putting something together that works. I try and make my kids costumes too, but the older they get the less cool they think it is, hopefully they will change back again at some point. I love that you picked Effie…the odds are most certainly in your favor!!

  2. Lyssa, see! We are in fact sisters from other mothers… granted, I’m the much older sister! I was Effie for our annual Oscar party this year, and for Halloween last year. The minute I saw the movie, I knew! I wish I’d found a wig as great as yours; mine was a lot more blond afro, but, we used the EXACT same flower! Got mine at Michaels. You rocked this costume!! And man, Peter is much sexier in real life. ;-)

  3. Lyssa,
    I will be distributing blue candies as Heisenberg….
    Great fucking costume, yo. I was looking forward to see what you would be up to, this year.
    Le Heisenberg

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