One Topic, Three Takes: Weddings

Holy crapmonkeys, you guys!!!! Look who’s been featured on The Daily Post!!!

The Daily Post

Did you ever consider addressing a popular topic in your blog, but held yourself back, thinking there’s nothing left to say? Think again: a topic can never be exhausted as long you are passionate about it. In this series, we show how even the most well-trodden subjects feel fresh when bloggers use a creative approach. 

Now that the summer wedding season is over, nobody could blame you if you felt a bit blasé about wedding blogs, to say nothing of the events themselves. Just because many wedding celebrations share the same elements (cake? bouquet? tipsy uncles?) doesn’t mean, though, that your account of the event should follow an established form. Like the posts we highlight here, you can craft your own personal angle. After all, what makes a wedding unique is not an exotic menu or a multitiered cake; it’s the singularity of the people involved.

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