Bending slightly in the breeze

A woman found herself passing by an entire field of sunflowers.

Equally spaced, their columns and rows stretched out for acres, all lined up as if they were trained and ready.

Their dark faces, framed by flaming licks of yellows and oranges, all faced east.

They stood at attention, silent and patient, bending only slightly in the breeze.

The woman entered the field and nudged carefully, slowly between the bright-faced soldiers, quickly disappearing into the tall shadows.

Down the columns and across the rows.

She paused.

She turned east to follow their gaze and wiggled her feet into the soil, rooting them in place.

She took a deep breath; her chest rose and fell.

She stood at attention, silent and patient, bending only slightly in the breeze.

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  2. Now that I see it again, obviously I read it… see the “like.” However, I see it differently now, having read your other one earlier… (and, I’ve been out drinking… just saying). This is really beautiful too! It is so different from what I expect from you, that it almost seems like someone else (or, is that the liquor talking?). When I read this one, and think about the fact that you wrote it before your wedding, I think about “the woman,” who seeks escape in the sunflowers. She digs her feet in and feels centered, but still bends a little (to the East) with the wind. She’s sure and centered, but willing to bend a little. Hmm, maybe I’m going too deep here? Maybe I shouldn’t blog when I’ve been out with friends, drinking?

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