Harlem Shake Save The Date

Here’s a special video Save the Date announcing Brian’s and my impending nuptials for your viewing enjoyment!

We had fun filming it.

Brian did not have fun editing it.

The cat had zero fun during the entire process.

Also, a helpful hint to avoid embarrassment: don’t try to save time typing about “save the dates” by abbreviating it using three letters.  This results in some uncomfortably personal gmail ads.


25 responses

  1. I LOVE this!
    I just found your blog through a new feature on WordPress. Alongside the Freshly Pressed are four blogs recommended according to posts I have liked. I wondered why I was getting all kinds of new followers in the last couple of days, so my blog must appear up there once in a while!

  2. Lyssa,
    I liked your post.
    Was that it?
    Why Harlem Shake?
    Dennis Rodman is working on his version with North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Park Jae-sang…
    Le Clown
    PS: We did laugh. And woke up our daughter. Now we’re crying, and we’ll laugh again tomorrow out of dementia.
    PS2: Off to that other post of yours.
    PS3: I’m covering as much of your real estate as I can.

    • “was that it?”!!!!

      I think you meant to say, “Aw, yeah, THAT’S IT!”

      Harlem Shake is awesome. All the kids are doing it. I’ll be onto black tar heroin by next week.

      My apologies to your daughter. Now make her watch the video so she can laugh again.

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