Blogroll Inductee – Psychobabble

I can now die happy, for I earned (and begged for) a spot on Le Clown’s blogroll!!!!
In honor of me, it’s Free Therapy Consultation Day at A Clown On Fire. Hit me up with your best symptoms and I’ll whip up a treatment plan that will almost always include ice cream.

14 responses

      • Lyssa,
        Thanks my friend! There will be no more inductees as of December 31. And a big reveal on January 3, as to where ACOF will be going in 2013. My blog has exploded in 2012, it was only fair that I would offer you even more in the new year. Happy holidays, and I hope you’re enjoying the spotlight.
        Le Clown

      • Lyssa,
        That actually made me lawled. There will be a few reveals, to be fair… New collaborations… new features… retiring old features… I’m excited. Cheers.
        Le Clown

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