Blogs O’ The Week

Check it out – Sweet Mother called me a broad!! How cool is that?

Sweet Mother

Okay, so I’m working my way into some weightier posts over the next few days, but before I do let’s all enjoy the “Blogs of the Week.”  These are the things that I’ve enjoyed around here on WordPress over the last few days or so.  (The titles are all linked, as well as throughout the feature paragraph.)  Give them a looksey.  You’ll be glad you did.


Momma loves you.  SM.


T.W. Dittmer’s post on his mother-in-law:  I really loved this piece.  I came to T’s blog by way of Allan’s blog, Ohm Sweet Ohm.  Allan recommended that I read T.W. when I was going through my whole self-publishing saga/ rant over here.  T.W. has a self-publishing series of his own over at his blog, which is worth a read in and of itself.  However, it’s the personal posts that I always love the best and…

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