My followers are better than your followers

Holy fricknuts!

Today is a day of celebration:  as of today, I now have 100 followers!

So thank you very much, lucky 100th follower!!

*cue confetti, balloons falling from the sky, and rainbow unicorn farts*

And thank you, THANK YOU, to all the other people who have followed me since I started this little ego pumping machine bloggy blog.

To show my eternal gratitude, here’s a picture of me taken just over a year ago being happy about a boat, but pretend that I am actually being happy about my followers.  Cuz I am, except I just didn’t know any better to be happy about that a year ago.  You get it.


14 responses

  1. That’s awesome! You really have to work for the first 100. Then they really start coming.

    Also, did you know that if you link up your Twitter to your blog thru Publicize, then all your Twitter followers are counted as blog followers? I did not know this until I did it last week then BOOM, 150 new followers. I guess it’s kind of cheating but I have no scruples. .

      • It’s so much fun! Tons of people from WordPress are on Twitter so it’s fun to interact with them there. Plus, I tend to be wordy so it helps me practice being funny and succinct. And the celebrities! Oh the celebrities! Sometimes they’ll tweet back at you.

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