I want to win a Blogroll Contest

Enjoying Le Clown with the golden brown California hills in the background.

Hey.  Hey you.  Even though I may not win, I like competing in this Blogroll Contest of the famous Le Clown.

If you have not yet been privy to his genius, check it out. I implore you.

If you decide you kinda like me, you can also participate in today’s (or other day’s) contests and then nobly donate the points to me.

That is all.


6 responses

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  2. Lyssapants,
    Holy crap? Where do you live? Is that a body of river I see on the horizon? Turn the laptop around and let me smell the water, please…
    1. For the post, I give you 5 clown noses;
    2. For the link back, I give you another 5 clown noses;
    3. For the very calming picture, I give you 15 clown noses…
    Now, may I have a glass of sparkling water, with a zest of lime, please?
    Le Clown

      • It looks beautiful! My wife’s father lives in Sausalito, in a house boat. We couldn’t do this in Montreal, living by the Saint-Lawrence river… We would either die from water poisoning or frost bites…
        Le Clown

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