You may or may not think this post is crap

The other day I saw this headline gently slide down my facebook newsfeed:

Why Is The World’s Largest Foundation Buying Fake Poop?

It was like this news story was written just for me, you guys!  I couldn’t not click on it.  Impossible.  Didn’t even try to resist.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to click and find out about this project that’s making a big splash.

The pictures in the article of them shaping the fake poop actually reminded me of when my brother and I were kids and my parents would let us all skip church on a Sunday morning to go fishing (they said God would forgive us as long as we caught something…and by ‘caught something,’ I think they meant fish).

Once my brother and I got bored from watching our unmoving poles in the water, we would play in the mud on the shoreline.  One of the things we’d do with this mud, aside from slinging it at each other, was to fashion different varieties of fake poop to try and fool our parents or whomever might come by once we left the area.  We’d mix the mud with various amounts of water and experimented with different consistencies.  We specialized in dog excrement and cow pies, mainly because that was the local market, which meant that those varieties were the only real life models we had to work from at the time.  But man, if we had had the technology that Bill and Melinda Gates do now…our output would have been solid and regular.  One can only imagine.


8 responses

  1. When I was a kid, I read about a toilet manufacturer that employed someone to test different consistencies of fake poop (from tubes) in new toilet designs to make sure they’d flush down completely. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was in something like Fine Homebuilding. That was the first time I realized just how many different types of jobs there are in the world. Man, I guess someone’s gotta do it.

    • I’ll choose the latter for two reasons:
      1. It’s awesome. I am mad I didn’t think of it first. It will look great underneath “Mutha Fuckin Therapist”
      2. I’d rather not take money away from the amazing Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Soybean poop makes the world a better place.

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