Search engine terms I never thought I’d see

I wasn’t even planning on posting today, but this is just too good.  Indeed, the blogging gods are calling me in to do my duty.  Ha…duty. (Don’t worry, this will make sense in a few sentences)

I have so many questions about a particular search engine term…so. many. questions.

I don’t even know where to start.

I mean, I get that people make their way to my blog because I did a therapist meme since I couldn’t find one that described my daily life accurately.  I understand that there are a variety of “how-people-view-my-profession” memes out there, but I didn’t realize just how wide of a variety until today.  Pun intended.

Another question: Was I not remembering the content of my blog accurately?  Just how often do I say anus?  I know I enjoy a good poop joke, but it often involves innuendo, and anus is rather…harsh.  And look, now I’ve gone and used it…twice.  In italics.

I’m going to gingerly sidestep all the questions I have about why this person was searching for this particular phrase, and instead I am going to sincerely apologize that ve didn’t find what ve was looking for on my blog.  Sorry for the lack of anal stretching.

The last question I will ask (that I never thought I would ever have to ask) is – what the hell is an anus stretching meme?!  Is it a meme that shows one how to stretch one’s anus?  It is a meme showing the joys of one whose anus has already been stretched?

I’m not sure I care to know the answers.  I just hope that the searcher found what ve was looking for…cuz it certainly wasn’t here.


12 responses

  1. I wonder if instead of meme, he was really saying “me, me” and was too excited to type correctly.
    After all, as a therapist (who’s already passed a test), maybe you know things that can help. Relaxation techniques perhaps?

    • wow, if you’re right ve must have been really excited! In that case, I sincerely hope that safety precautions were taken, as I don’t want anyone getting hurt here.
      Let’s breathe in…2….3…4…and out…2…3….4.

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