My nightmare come to life

Did anyone see this??

This is my nightmare!!

…but I guess, if she can do it, then so can I.


8 responses

  1. My husband wants to get his pilots license and fly too. I’m terrified of flying. I decided that if he gets one, I probably should too, just in case. I don’t know if I could be calm enough to land the plane while my husband was dying and have no flight experience.

  2. Yeah…but you’re not 81. The chance of Brian suffering a heart attack mid-flight is pretty slim. A very scary situation for the couple in the article, I’m glad the wife was able to take charge and survive. Sidebar: don’t pilots have to take physicals every year and stuff to prevent exactly this kind of emergency?

    • from what Brian remembers: airline pilots need physicals every 6 months, private pilots under 40 need them every 36 months, over 40 every 24 months. I hope I have as much courage and level headedness as that awesome lady when I’m her age.

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