You say it’s your birthday…

…well it’s my birthday, too, yeah!

Holy crap, I am 29.  How the frick did that happen?

Let’s launch into a 9 year birthday review, since my world basically ended and I was reborn the day after my 20th birthday, been cancer free ever since!


12:01 am - Drink up!!

It was extremely important to me that my 21st birthday be joyful and fun because the year before, I sat and ate my jello and watched my family eat the most amazing-smelling pizza you’ve ever smelled.  And I mean you weren’t even there to smell it.  If you were, that would have been creepy.

I was back at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), in the middle of my 5th semester.  I decided that my group of friends and I would go ice skating!  And everyone had to be dressed in a silly manner (See? I’m wearing a dress with pants.  How much more silly can you get?).  Then we came back to our apartment and responsibly enjoyed some cocktails.


Yay V-day!

A relatively similarly populated group of my friends and I all went out to dinner and drinks at a local restaurant and bar in Berkeley and had a marvelous time!  I also remember going to the campus bar on the night of my actual birthday, drinking copious amounts of hard cider (I have trouble drinking it to this day), and yelling at the bartender when he wouldn’t give me a free drink because “we only do that for people turning 21.”  Ageist fuck!

The best part about celebrating my birthday whilst at Cal is that V-day and the Vagina Monologues are a big deal there.  How amazing and perfect it is for me to get to celebrate my birthday, my womanhood and all my womanly parts (or lack thereof in my case), plus fighting violence against women!


The year was 2006 and I had just recently gotten back from spending a semester abroad in the Netherlands.  I was now graduated from Cal, and I was freaking cultured.  To celebrate, my partner took me out to Benihana where they cook in front of you.  So you get to watch.  I think it’s to make sure they don’t spit in your food.  Yup, that’s my definition of classy.


gelato at Vittoria

At this time in my life, I was one semester through my master’s degree in counseling, and I was living in Boston with my partner Brian.  My birthday landed on a Saturday that year, and I had the whole day planned.  We slept in, Brian made me chocolate chip pancakes, I totally can’t remember what we did for lunch (did we even eat lunch?  maybe Starbucks was our lunch), we saw Babel in the theaters, we had coffee at Starbucks (every birthday of mine involves Starbucks in some way…as I type this I am sitting in one), and we made our way to the North End where we had some a-maz-ing Italian food.  Then we crossed Hanover street and went into Cafe Vittoria for the first time.  I had gelato and Brian had grappa.  This became our date place for the remainder of our time living there.  It also must be said that it was effing cold and started to snow.  I think the only thing that makes the cold even remotely worth it is the snow, so yay!


I really enjoy having my picture taken with delicious desserts

I was in the last semester of my master’s degree and I was extremely burnt out and ready to move back to California.  Brian had already found a job in CA and moved back ahead of me, so I was lonely, cold, overworked, and more than my usual level of crazy.  This birthday was an important one for me, as it marked the end of the arbitrary 5 year period where my cancer was most likely to grow back (if it was ever going to).  I received my clean bill of health a few weeks before turning 25, and so I threw a Five Year Cancer Free party and invited all my Boston friends, and Brian flew in from CA.  We went to Boston Beer Works, and I had blueberry girlie beer with real blueberries floating in it!  Holy Ovary, Batman!  After dinner we walked in the sleety rain (thanks, Boston, really) to an awesome dueling piano bar where I shyly refused to get on stage to be humiliated for all to see.


This was Brian’s and my first full year back in California.  I had my master’s and I had a job working with a population that I love.  I invited a bunch of friends to meet us at a local sushi restaurant and we stuffed ourselves silly.  Sadly, I don’t seem to have any pictures of this occasion.  I think I must royally suck as a person.  Well, at least I only sucked at keeping photographic records of semi-important events.  I do remember feeling like I was finally making something of myself in the world – a pretty empowering and happy feeling.


not even a little bit creepy

When I turned 27, I had a party at our apartment and it was Twilight themed, my friends.  Oh yes.  I decorated with red balloons, red apples, had the movie playing in the background, and I even invited someone named Edward.  And even though I am Team Edward through and through, just like Bella I have a taste for…the other forbidden fruit (you know, like the other white meat).  You guessed it, my man Taylor Lautner turned legally hot the day after my birthday.  Now that’s something to celebrate.


flowers from Brian's parents

For my 28th, Brian and I double dated with friends of ours and had the yummiest fondue dinner ever.  It was special for me cuz I had never had fondue out in a fancy place before.  I mean, I knew I loved cheese and bread and chocolate, but I never knew how much more I could love them just by heating them up and stickin em in those there pots.  Mm-mm good.

29 – today!

Today, I slept in, ate dessert for breakfast and promptly had a nasty sugar crash, got a much needed massage, read and blogged at Starbucks (being yuppie makes me feel good about myself), took some pictures of an amazing sunset (and by ‘took some pictures of an amazing sunset,’ I mean that I stole Brian’s expensive camera, crossed a busy street in low light with no crosswalk, and crouched on the side of the road while passersby honked at me like I was some sort of streetwalker), my partner took me out for an awesome Thai food dinner, we came home and watched a movie and I managed not to cry or get bitten by the cat (she gets cranky and bitey in the evenings…kinda like me, actually), I ate a chocolate covered strawberry and now here I am.  And more celebration activities are scheduled, huzzah!

So: here’s to an exciting year – I expect to pass my licensing exams and finally become a fully licensed and awesome Marriage and Family Therapist!!  Other than that, this is pretty much the first time in my life where I haven’t had a plan for what comes next.  My answer is I don’t know, and you know what?  For right now, that’s a perfectly good answer.


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