Welcome to Thesis Hell, population: 2

Many of my friends already know that my partner is in a Master’s program for mechanical engineering and that he’s currently working on his thesis.  That all started out just great, but slowly and surely, he started crawling further and further down into the depths of hell and somehow I got dragged down, too.  yaaaaaaaaayy!!

When Brian works on his thesis, he’s nerdy, he gets excited, and he gets focused.  So focused, that he’s been calling that vibe/space/time his “hole.”  We’re always working on our communication, (because how can we not with one half of this operation being a therapist?) and so I’ve told him that I like to be alerted before he’s about to mentally disappear for hours on end and emerge looking like he’s been through a war zone.  The warning he’s developed for my benefit is as follows: “Lady, I’m going into my hole!” and away he goes.  This is what his hole looks like:

"The Hole"

Notice that Sadie’s been allowed to occupy the latter half of Brian’s chair.  Not even I get that much.  I’m lucky to get some attention if I flash him, or at the very least, if I come with an offering of food.

Brian defends his thesis TOMORROW, and I frickin CAN’T. WAIT.  This has been a summer+fall semester in the making, and has steadily been getting more and more stressful and frantic.  These past few days have been the worst, and honestly, I think I have put myself in a similar stressed-out state by starting this blog now, and I don’t think that was by accident.  I really think that, subconsciously, I gave myself something to do that would make my mental state roughly equal to that of Brian’s so that I would somehow feel “normal” under the circumstances.  Cool, huh?  You don’t need Freud, just ask me.

So.  Send good vibes our way starting now and continuing through about 5:30pm PST tomorrow.  Brian starts his defense at 4:30 and I plan to be there to cheer him on.  I am suuuuuper proud of him, but for the love of all that is holy, let this end and let it end asap.


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